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Floral Do’s & Don’ts to stretch your budget!

When it comes to your wedding flowers, it can seem SO overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start! Once you have your general color palette and aesthetic figured out, these tips will help you add so much more ”WOW” to your big day! stretch that budget!

Tip #1: Go for Bold Installations!

Floral installations pack a BIG punch, and really up the wow factor for your guests! Instead of having numerous, small arrangements Every Where, go for a large and unique floral design! Trust me, not one guest will walk away noticing there wasn’t an arrangement at the cake table, but a floating cloud of babies breath and roses above the bar?! That is a memory your guest will not soon forget!

Tip #2: Focus on the general aesthetic verses a particular flower!

Florists and wholesale markets know all to well that supply and demand is a rollercoaster lately (along with pretty much everything else it seems..) Instead of focusing on specific flowers you HAVE to have, be more open to the overall end goal. Instead of having 1000 roses, maybe you can use 400 and use filler flowers of the same color for your centerpieces, and arrangements! This will save you a LOT of money! Ask us to put together a floral quote that fits in your budget.

Tip #3: Mix live and fake florals!

When it comes to non focal arrangements (we’re talking aisle florals, welcome table, dessert table) mix live and fake flowers to really extend your budget! Keep the live flowers for your highly photographed pieces, like your arch/alter pieces, your bridal bouquets and what not!

We are here to help, let us know how!

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