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Designing a Luxury Wedding!

You want a luxury wedding. An experience, for your guests. A day that you and your family, friends and guests walk away from in awe and in love with your love story. You and your fiancé care about quality. You two enjoy the finer things in life and have worked hard to do so. Now is the time to showcase you and your amazing new fiancés personalities, quirks and tastes! Let’s get down to the core things that will elevate the HECK out of your wedding!

1- Know Your Vision

Whether you have a super specific theme you are planning on, or more of a general color pallet, KNOW your vision! Mood boards, Pinterest boards, look at your own personal style and the interior of your home. What inspires you the most? Do you lean towards bright and airy, or more dark and moody? Whatever your style is, knowing what you want, will help your day be beautiful and not chaotic visually.

2- Choose BIG impact Florals & Décor

Instead of worrying about cake knives, favors and bubbles… Focus your energy and money on things your guests will ACTUALLY see and remember. Things that make YOU and your fiancé happy, that you will talk about for years.

Examples: A Large cascading floral installation by your Guestbook to greet people as they enter your wedding! Gold Foil name cards at each plate. Real flatware, plates and glassware. A Champagne wall/cart or some fun Décor item that you and your guests can interact with. Photo Op!

3- Clean, Elegant and Beautiful

Always choose clean over chaotic. Tasteful over tacky. When it comes to an idea, if you're not in love with it, when in doubt, throw it out. Pick things, florals, signage that will age well and stand the test of time. Accents of thoughtful and unique things, activities, food and drinks based around you and your fiancé’s relationship will elevate the evening. I’ve had brides go “Soap Toasting” hahaha they actually went and picked out a specific scent that they wanted for the soap in the restrooms for their guests, if that doesn’t say elevated and detailed, I don’t know what does!

4- Champagne Toast

I have never been to a super classy and NICE wedding that didn’t have a champagne toast. This is optional, but if you are really going for Old Money in the Hamptons vibe, have a champagne toast or champagne tower!

There are so many amazing ways to elevate a wedding or event, feel free to reach out for more ideas!

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