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Pampas Grass Wedding Style Do's & Don'ts! From a Wedding Designer

Make sure your boho chic vibes come to life!

Pampas grass is ALL the rage right now in the wedding industry! Its fluffy, neutral and adds such a beautiful softness to a wedding design! BUT, Pampas can be tricky to get right on your wedding day. Here are some tips to achieve that Pinterest perfect and not dull.

#1 Knowing the price of pampas & Your budget


This is one thing that continuously sticker shocks my brides; how expensive pampas grass is! If you aren't lucky enough to have a massive supply to locally harvest, you are going to have to resort to buying from other local brides, online or local stores. Pampas grass usually runs from $1-$4 a stem, depending on the color, size and variation. Pampas grass will cost about the same as other floral design, it's not necessarily cheaper, just keep that in mind when putting together your budget!

#2 Know your vision


Having a clear vision on how you want to incorporate pampas grass into your wedding design is SUPER important! Do you want accents of pampas grass, or a full-scale luxury pampas design? Knowing how you want to incorporate pampas into your design will help your florist/DIY Brides execute your vision. The #1 thing that I stress to brides is to accurately budget/plan for your pampas vision. Use too little, or not pretty enough pampas, and the design looks cheap and sparse. You want a full, beautiful and textured design, not skimpy and tacky.

#3 Storing & Prepping Pampas Grass


Pampas grass is UNBELIEVABLY fluffy and messy! It sheds EVERYWHERE. I am not being dramatic, every time I utilize pampas in a bridal design, there's a layer of pampas snow left over to clean up, every time. There are a few insider tricks that will help SO much with this!

1- Make sure your pampas stems are completely dried out

2-Spray your pampas stems with stronghold hairspray to avoid excessive shedding, and help hold its shape

3-Leave it in the sun to open up if it is tight and closed up

4-If you have grass allergies, take an allergy pill before handling it, trust me, it gets crazy

#4 Containers/Vases for Pampas


The vessel/container you choose to use for your pampas can completely change the shape of your design. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind!

1-The larger the opening of the vessel, the more relaxed and spread out your pampas will be! If you are wanting a dense, thick and large design, utilize a wide mouthed vessel!

2-The smaller opening vases are ideal for accent pieces, smaller centerpieces, big tufts of pampas won't do well in these containers, because they will stand straight up and not look very organic when it comes to shaping.

#5 Have at least one statement design


Pampas is SO good for creating large impact designs! If you have the resources to, plan on having a big Welcome Sign arrangement, Hanging Bar design or freestanding pampas structure by cocktail hour!

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