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Wedding & Event Ceiling Drapery, Most asked questions!

Being the only wedding company in Whatcom County, WA that offers ceiling drapery, we get a LOT of questions about it! I thought I'd list the most commonly asked questions, and answer them for you guys! This may help you decide for your own wedding or event if you would like to invest in drapery!

#1 How much does it cost?

This is an obvious one, BUT there are a lot of things that go into factoring cost for draping your wedding/event. There are several styles of drapery, for example Starburst, what I call a full room flip (Like pictured above) and partial drapery. Each has their own price tag.

On average the pricing, including installation and tear-down, for those designs are:

Starburst: About $1500

Full Room Flip: $2000+

Partial: $500+

A few factors can change this depending on if you request a custom/not common color for drapery that we have to order. If we need to rent a manlift (REALLY high ceilings). But this is about what you can expect to pay! I think it is 100% worth the investment, drapery brings such an air of elegance and class to any event/wedding we have done. Photographers also love it, it helps their lighting so much!

#2 How long do you need to install?

This one can vary ALOT, depending on type of venue, style you want, if were hanging a chandelier/floral structure, Venue rules. On average, we need at least 4 hours to install the drapery, and about an hour to take it down.

#3 How do you make sure it is secure?

Depending on the style of drapery we either use heavy duty steel suspension cables, or an industrial eye and hook installation. Our fabrics are all fire retardant as well, so no worrying about being close to light fixtures/heating vents/ducts.

In the middle of an installation of our Starburst Drapery.

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