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Wedding Day of Coordinator... What do they ACTUALLY do, and do you need one?

Wedding Coordinator. It's a term that not many are familiar with but are becoming increasingly more valuable and even harder to find! A wedding coordinator is a few things, a Check-List checker, Time Keeper, Body Buffer (we'll get to that in a second.) Body mover, and Emergency Negater! We do SO much for you on your big day! I break down each of these below, to give you a snap shot of why you NEED a coordinator for your big day to run smoothly and stress free!

  1. Check-List Checker

We make sure you have every task completed the day of. Vendors have been handled and directed to their places. Your groomsmen are all in the right place (and not too tipsy before the ceremony!) Square away your details for detailed shots from the photographer. We make sure you are where you are supposed to be!

2.) Time Keeper

Anyone who has ever gotten married will tell you this, enjoy your big day because it goes by SO fast. And it's true! I swear time moves at lightening speed on wedding days... That is why we are here to help keep track of it for you! We help you set up a solid day of timeline for you bridal party, family members and vendors! Then we keep you to that timeline! No need to worry about if and when you should cut your cake, or if its too late for another speech. We handle this all for you.

3.) Body Buffer

This is a HUGE one! We are the body buffer between you and your partner, and everyone else at your wedding! Have an aunt you adore with all your heart, but can't break away from without an hour-long conversation? Your wedding day is not the day for that, and we will make sure you can enjoy your day! We break you away from conversations to do that cake cutting, to do the first dance, to start speeches. We are the buffer between you fully enjoying your day and everyone/everything else!

4.) Body Mover

Similar to the buffer, but we move everybody from entering the ceremony to being seated. From the ceremony to cocktail hour, to the reception, to the sparkler sendoff... you get it! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to move a large crowd of people, especially after a couple drinks! We move everybody to where they need to be, when they need to be there.

5.) Emergency Negater

This is by far the most important out of all the things we do! (Too many to list in one spot!) Cake delivery running late? Groom forgot the wedding rings at the hotel? Rain forecasted? Unwanted drama/stress? These are all things we take care of for you. If possible we don't even want you to be aware that there is a problem, because we are handling it for you! Let us take on your stress, and let you have the perfect day!

The Bottom line is even though you may haven't considered a week of or day of coordinator before, I promise, you are going to want one!

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