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Saying GOODBYE to outdated Wedding Traditions! Here are 5 old ones we are glad to see go.

A trend I've noticed happening, that I absolutely LOVE, is couples ditching old school traditions that they don't love, and making their own! I love that couples are embracing their own unique love stories, celebrating their relationship how they see fit, and not worrying about what others might think. This day is for you after all! Here are 5 wedding "traditions" I see going out the door, and loving it!


On The Way Out Traditions!

#1- Wedding Favors

Let me put it this way, you are already paying SO much money to have this amazing day celebrating you, your loved one and family, trust me when I say you do NOT need to also give your guests favors! Not only does it save you that hard earned cash, but unfortunately, as a wedding planner, I can tell you that most favors end up in the garbage once your guest gets home, or they don't even take them at all. Save yourself the money and use it for something you'd love!

#2- Garter Toss

Bleck! Activate cringe reaction here... I unfortunately fell under the illusion that you just HAD to do this, at my own wedding... I know, just arrest me now for breaking every law of common sense!! I don't even understand what the actual point of this traditions is, except to humiliate the poor bride and groom, and purposefully make everyone uncomfortable... Let's just not!

#3- Having Families Sit on Designated Sides for Ceremony

You are blending two families into one, I don't understand why we make families site one opposite sides of the ceremony space! I love how many couples I have seen lately that have family members and friends sit wherever they like. Then when you look out over the sea of guests, its a blend of all the people you love!

#4- Bouquet Toss

I know there is a funny sentiment behind this one, that I at least will acknowledge, but can we just not? Bridal bouquets are expensive to begin with, and l haven't met a wedding guest yet who was bummed to find out there was no bouquet toss.

#5- Letting Anyone Tell You How Your Wedding Should Be

Every couple who I have the honor of working with has a unique, special and one of a kind love story. They are all so different! That is something to be celebrated, honored and protected. Every family member and friend will have opinions and ideas for your big day (99% will be well intentioned!) BUT, you and your fiancé are the reason this is all happening. Let your day be exactly what you want, how you want and where you want, the right people who love you will be there to support you!

What tradition would you like to add to this list?

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