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3 ways to guarantee you and your new spouse ENJOY your wedding day!

I hear it again and again after a couple's wedding day has come and gone, "It went so fast!" "I didn't get to spend any time with my husband." or the dreaded, "We were so busy with our guests, we didn't take anytime for ourselves!" This is NOT what you want to feel like, and I have some VERY good ideas/rules for you to implement for your wedding to ensure that you both enjoy the day!

1- Intentionally schedule 1 or 2 Private Moments

When putting together your day of timeline think of at least 2 ideal time slots thru out the day/night where you can put in 15/20 minutes with just you and your new spouse! If you are working with a Day-Of-Coordinator, this would be a great thing to bring up when you guys piece together your day of timeline!

A few good examples of this could be:

-Eating dinner privately for 20 minutes, just the two of you after your ceremony.

-Having a first look/touch where you get to privately read your vows to each other, or read each other a letter written for just that day.

-Having a private last dance, kicking out all the guests as they wait in line to do your send off, dance one last time just the two of you, to a meaningful song.

2-Plan ahead with your Coordinator/Planner for any Family Complexes

No one has a perfect family, literally no one. Everybody has that one crazy aunt/uncle they don't talk about ("we don't talk about Bruno no no.."), divorced parents/family members or just plain wedding induced tension in their family! Do not feel like you should hide this or feel ashamed of it!

Let your coordinator/planner know if there are any complex family/friend situations you'd like to make sure don't erupt or if you'd like to keep certain family members away from the open bar.

As a Coordinator/Planner I always tell my couples that on the big day, I am a body mover and a body buffer, meaning no one gets to you that you don't want, or isn't where they aren't supposed to be!

This will alleviate so much stress/worry off of you and your new spouse, that you can just truly enjoy your day!

Have an Exit/Plan & Strategy for the end of the night!

You have had the most magical wedding day, the reception was a blast, you did your awesome send off with all your guests and photographer! NOW, your people'd out and would like to go bask in your newly wedded bliss! Make sure you have a fun/romantic getaway that you and your new spouse can go to after the reception to spend the night and get a well-deserved morning of sleeping in. Have a set time in your timeline of when you would like to be done saying your good byes, and your leaving! Have your getaway vehicle pulled up front to your venue by either your coordinator or planner so you don't have to worry about where the keys are!

Your Coordinator will help buffer chatty guests who don't get the hint that you are trying to leave your own afterparty, so you can enjoy your new significant other.

Bottom line is this is YOUR day! Do not let anyone make you feel guilty, bad or high Maintenace for making sure your day goes how you want. Make sure to allow you and your fiancé the time to enjoy each other on what will surely be a magical day.

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